Thank God It’s Bag

Hello and assalamualaikum people. It’s been a while since I updated my TGIC blog. So for this, should I say month? for this season TGIC is doin something a lil bit different. It’s time for bag! Yeay! 😀 So there are only a few limited colourful pattern pieces of bags available and there are made of course with quality. I’ve uploaded a few on them in TGIC facebook page, and the rest of them, I uploaded on this blog. So enjoy people. Mana lah tau tersangkut 2-3 bags. ehehe


Enhance your style to school, classes or even going out with friend with this TGIC sling bag, aztec-tribal pattern!

Length 91cm, from strap to bottom.

Be the first to wear this bag and inspire your friends and family too








For this kind of bag, it has the adjuster on the strap. Usually the adjusters on common bags are made of plastic, which are hardly to last longer. This bag, the adjuster is made of .. It’s kind of steel. So it will be long-lasting. Oh yeah, the material for these bags is denim.

So boys and girls, you just have to put all your accessories in one bag without being afraid it’d be torn! C’mon buy it now.

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Thanks, Love,

gjotafiq and TGIC team